Proposal: Exoplanet bath


Want to bathe in a universe of extra-solar planets and adopt one for yourself?

A ball pit that has 1781 balls, one for each known exoplanet. Each ball has a barcode/QR code on it which can be scanned to go to a webpage that gives you all the data on the corresponding exoplanet and allows you to print out a certificate for “finding” that exoplanet.


Time and location of installation

Possibly at Science Hack Day San Francisco 2014


A collaboration with Ariel Waldman. Scientific advice from Phil Marshall.


Questions/working notes

Color: What property of exoplanets should ball color correspond to? Possibly temperature, which could

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Introducing an open notebook in Digital Arts and New Media

In September 2014, I’m embarking on a Masters of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and New Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I plan to work in open notebook fashion, with all my development and thinking recorded in this blog for anybody to comment on, engage with, collaborate with, adopt, or adapt.

I’ll keep a reading list for this period and if I have time I’ll make comments on some of the books but at least this should give a sense for what is influencing me as I progress.


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