Solar wind flares

This is a collaborative project with Zach Corse, Adam Fischer, Andre Marquetti, Sean Pace, and Steven Trimmer.

Solar wind flares uses a mirrored acrylic tank to visualize the data collected by a NASA solar wind probe. The data is presented as waves via the coupling of a speaker along with corner actuators creating other types of waves, as a way of visualizing the solar wind data.

Here is an early prototype being shown at Maker Faire Bay Area 2015.

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Mural drone

This is a project done in collaboration with Sean Pace and Zach Corse.

The mural drone is a tethered drone capable of painting murals or graffiti. The version in progress will aim to paint pixellated images in one color but then expand to a four-color version.

The idea of the tethers is to provide precise location control that can’t be achieved otherwise. The tethers are reeled in and out by stepper motors from three base stations. In flight tests we have been able to achieve centimeter precision of positioning for the drone.

Unfortunately, the compass on our drone failed during tests and we

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TV recaptioner

This project uses the nootropic Video Experimenter shield for Arduino to help decode the closed captions of a TV feed. Then it changes the captions in various ways and redisplays them.

This video shows the first run of the experiment. More changes to come!


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Neutrino flux update

Updates to the “Neutrino flux” proposal.

The suspended acrylic rods will no longer have messages engraved on the sides as they turned out to just not be sufficiently visible. Instead, there will now be a sound component to the piece. As the piece is activated (by a person approaching or touching a rod), along with the light display, a sound will be triggered. The sound will be randomly selected from about 100 different options including many messages about neutrinos, and sounds of ice cracking and refreezing.

Some of the possible messages are:

“One trillion neutrinos pass through your body every second.”

“A neutrino

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Science Hack Day 2014

I’ll be participating in Science Hack Day San Francisco again this year with a cool bunch of colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. Proposed projects run the gamut of topics and fields and there will always be many more projects that don’t make it onto the proposal wiki page. One of the great things about Science Hack Day is that you can go along without a proposal in mind, find some people to work with and just get started on something. Many successful projects start without a team at the beginning but have amazing outcomes just 24 hours later.

As for

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Introducing an open notebook in Digital Arts and New Media

In September 2014, I’m embarking on a Masters of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and New Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I plan to work in open notebook fashion, with all my development and thinking recorded in this blog for anybody to comment on, engage with, collaborate with, adopt, or adapt.

I’ll keep a reading list for this period and if I have time I’ll make comments on some of the books but at least this should give a sense for what is influencing me as I progress.


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