Proposal: The spine tingler


What if the scary book you were reading could really shock you?

This piece of biofeedback-based experimental book art detects the rising fear or excitement in a reader and then amplifies it, by causing tingling in the hands through to mild electric shocks. This effect is created by a wrap-around book cover that can sense the physiological changes that occur when a person sustains fear or other arousal, and then responds by injecting a small electric current through the book jacket and into the hands. Alternatively, for safety, the book could contain a vibration motor that buzzes when activated.

The science

In essence,

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Proposal: Exoplanet bath


Want to bathe in a universe of extra-solar planets and adopt one for yourself?

A ball pit that has 1781 balls, one for each known exoplanet. Each ball has a barcode/QR code on it which can be scanned to go to a webpage that gives you all the data on the corresponding exoplanet and allows you to print out a certificate for “finding” that exoplanet.


Time and location of installation

Possibly at Science Hack Day San Francisco 2014


A collaboration with Ariel Waldman. Scientific advice from Phil Marshall.


Questions/working notes

Color: What property of exoplanets should ball color correspond to? Possibly temperature, which could

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