“Edges of Color” shows a series of individually programmed pieces on an 8’ square, 16×16 grid of separately controlled and colored LED swatches. Reminiscent of the color swatch paintings of Gerhard Richter or the spot paintings of Damian Hirst, it treats light as the material for display instead of paint. The pieces shown in the color pixel array explore the boundaries of what is possible in a rule-bound, constrained system, reflecting and criticizing notions of creativity, innovation, and conformism as they exist in Silicon Valley culture and the processes of science and technology today.

Visitors to the show spend some time contemplating "Edges of Color"

The individual pieces shown in the video below, each lasting about 2 minutes, are (in order):
1. Unprintable Colors
2. Random Richters
3. Pink Perceptions
4. Every RGB Icon
5. Colour Lovers