David Harris is a new media artist, interactive designer, lecturer, and researcher. He has exhibited works in Australia, the United States, and Europe, and created internet-native works. Much of his work sits at the interface between the creative arts and sciences explores how collaborative work can lead to a range of outcomes including works of art, design, and scientific research papers and instrumentation.

He has also worked as a science journalist and editor, as founding editor of two science magazines, and written for a variety of international publications including Scientific American, Popular Science, New Scientist, WIRED, and Make. His art writing has appeared in a variety of outlets including CLOT magazine, and SciArt magazine.

David has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in theoretical physics, science communication, and fine art and is currently back in PhD land at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, where he also lectures in the interactive media and design programmes.

You can read a bit more about him in a narrative-style bio.


Twitter: @physicsdavid
Instagram: @sciartica
Email: physicsdavid (at) / david.harris3 (at)