A sound art work exploring the aural textures of spoken science, completed during an artist residency at TRIUMF in Vancouver.

Breath tree

A demo work made at the inaugural Science Art Hackathon held at ISEA2015, Vancouver.

Solar wind flares

A prototype collaborative project exploring the cymatic visualisation of data in a water tank.

Mural drone

An exploration of a new system of tethering a drone for precision placement. All for the purpose of automatically painting graffiti in hard to reach places.

Proposal: Neutrino flux

Note: This is a modified version of “Walking with neutrinos“ Summary Visitors will experience the ephemeral and mysterious nature of … More

Physical programming

Physical programming is an overlap between algorithm implementation, science discovery, and performance art using groups of people as calculational tools. … More

Pi with people

A performance piece that calculates the value of pi by having people lie at random in a room and superimposing … More

Notes and thoughts

This blog will contain a miscellany of thoughts, proposals, progress, and projects I’m working on.