A sound art work exploring the aural textures of spoken science, completed during an artist residency at TRIUMF in Vancouver.

Breath tree

A demo work made at the inaugural Science Art Hackathon held at ISEA2015, Vancouver.

Solar wind flares

A prototype collaborative project exploring the cymatic visualisation of data in a water tank.

Mural drone

An exploration of a new system of tethering a drone for precision placement. All for the purpose of automatically painting graffiti in hard to reach places.

Neutrino flux update

Updates to the “Neutrino flux” proposal. The suspended acrylic rods will no longer have messages engraved on the sides as … More

Proposal: Neutrino flux

Note: This is a modified version of “Walking with neutrinos“ Summary Visitors will experience the ephemeral and mysterious nature of … More

Physical programming

Physical programming is an overlap between algorithm implementation, science discovery, and performance art using groups of people as calculational tools. … More

Pi with people

A performance piece that calculates the value of pi by having people lie at random in a room and superimposing … More

Notes and thoughts

This blog will contain a miscellany of thoughts, proposals, progress, and projects I’m working on.